2021 Construction Trends We Are Seeing

The past year and a half has been challenging on many levels as people struggle to navigate the world safely. We have certainly seen the effects reflected in the ups and downs of construction supplies, both in availability and pricing. That said, through it all, we have continued to provide WNC with construction services to meet changing demands. Over the past 8 months, some construction trends have emerged that we expect to last for some time. Let’s explore some of these trends and why they might be here to stay. 

Green Building Construction Trends

Even with high material costs, we are still seeing a move towards green design. This is a smart choice, as investing in environmentally sound materials and products pays off over time. Even if the initial costs are higher now, you will still be able to reap the benefits down the line. Plus, green design supports environmental sustainability – which means less carbon footprint for your construction project. 

Protective Barriers And Maximizing Distance

With the threat of Covid-19 still very real, businesses and restaurants needed to adopt safety recommendations like distancing and barriers early last year and continue to find creative ways to stay open. We have assisted dozens of business owners with these projects, and we expect that commercial design will continue to revolve around these requirements in the years to come. Generally, this means more space for less occupancy, higher ceilings, and HEPA air filtration.

Remote Technology 

While we can’t build remotely, pieces of the construction process are being handled digitally. We know it’s important that our team is on-site daily to monitor progress and handle any issues that might arise. But now we are able to utilize mobile applications to streamline the process. Not only does this improve the safety of everyone involved during this pandemic, but it also allows us to easily share important information quickly.

Thinking about building or renovating right now can be complicated. Our goal is to provide high-quality construction services no matter what roadblocks lie ahead. After over 40 years in this industry, we are able to closely follow trends and quickly adapt to changing market demands. We build true partnerships with our clients who rely on us to steer them in the right direction. For your next build, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. 

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