4 Ways To Reduce Building Costs

Supply chain and labor shortages are affecting building costs across the nation, especially in popular areas like Western North Carolina. In fact, many people may be considering pausing or stopping a build due to high prices and a volatile market. But, Dunlap has weathered storms like this before. You can count on us to manage your project during the most unpredictable times. Here are 4 ways we ensure that your project stays within budget, even if prices are going up.

Control Building Costs From The Beginning

A successful project starts with detailed planning. During pre-construction, we get involved early to help set project goals, budget, and schedule. Using our network of suppliers and subcontractors, we give accurate estimates about total cost and provide you with a not-to-exceed price. Once we enter into a contract, we will develop a schedule outline and set milestones to keep the project on track. You know what they say – time is money. By sticking to our schedule, we can prevent costly delays. 

Utilize Value Engineering

What is value engineering? Simply put, this process ensures you’re getting the most bang for your buck. We seek to make the best use of every project dollar. When done early in the construction process, we can maximize the value of the project without causing delays. We look at materials, building features, equipment, and more and evaluate the function compared with the cost. Depending on the cost/benefit ratio, we suggest alternatives that maintain essential functions but reduce building costs.

Keep Change Orders To A Minimum

The benefits of early planning and value engineering can be derailed by clients requesting changes well into the build. We suggest keeping these change orders to a minimum to ensure the project stays on schedule – and on budget. 

Communication Is Essential

Dunlap prefers open, timely communication with our clients because we know that this yields the best results. By communicating about any issues quickly, we can avoid projects stalling and stay on track. We consistently receive positive feedback from clients about our communication, which keeps us at the top of the list for repeat business. Let’s get together and talk about your next project. Contact us today! 

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