5 Ways To Control Rising Construction Costs in Hendersonville

We’ve noticed a trend lately that’s not necessarily positive – it’s becoming more and more expensive to build. As Hendersonville and other parts of Western NC grow in popularity, so does the cost to build there. With proper planning and management, it is possible to control your construction costs. Here are some tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.

#1 Make A Plan

We can’t think of a single process out there that wouldn’t benefit from planning, and building is no different. When you develop a plan, considering all of the details upfront will save you time and money down the line. Spending a bit of extra time in the planning phase almost always pays off. 

#2 Simple Is Beautiful

It’s so easy to become tempted by the latest and greatest design trends. But, ask yourself if you really need boutique design for your application. Keeping things simple often means you’ll have a classic and timeless build that not only saves money, but looks great year after year.

#3 Prioritize Value

When choosing materials, cheaper isn’t always better. Think about the value in how materials wear over time, how hard they are to maintain, and how much labor is involved in the install. Flooring, for example, comes in so many different styles at different price points, so other factors like durability may be the deciding factor. 

#4 Choose Where You Splurge

If you plan wisely, you can spend in certain areas that will make a larger impact. Maybe it’s the lobby or reception area of your office, or the kitchen of your new home – you can splurge on certain focal points with materials and/or design as long as you save in other ways. Some people opt for features that cost more upfront but save money down the line, like energy saving lighting. 

#5 Make A Budget And Stick To It

Ultimately, saving on construction costs comes down to making a budget and sticking to it. Hiring a trusted contractor can help you keep track of where you are in your project, but only you have control of your budget. We find that last minute changes and delaying decisions are some of the most common budget busting moves by customers, so do your best to avoid them. 

If you’re in need of a contractor for a new build, Dunlap can help. Throughout our over 40 years in operation, we have had customers return to us time and time again because of our technical know-how and superior project management. We understand the current market, and utilize our long standing supplier relationships to help keep construction costs as low as possible for you.  Contact us today to discuss your project! 

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