A Construction Plan That Helps You Avoid Delays

When it comes to a construction project, it almost seems like delays are inevitable. After all, there are so many moving parts on any given build that anticipating a hiccup-free result seems unrealistic. But, there are tools you can use to decrease the likelihood of common delays and to get back on track if something does come up. A good construction plan is our favorite tool for getting projects done on time. 

What Is A Construction Plan?

Simply put, a construction plan is developed in the pre-construction phase of a project. It outlines the schedule and establishes milestones. We spend quite a bit of time early on establishing this plan, along with other time and money-saving practices like value engineering and constructability review. This pre-construction process allows us to identify sources of delays like hard-to-get materials, permitting, and labor shortages. We utilize our extensive network of vendors and suppliers to ensure we can acquire the appropriate materials or alternatives. For long lead times, we place orders far in advance and develop a schedule that allows for adequate time to account for delivery. 

Experienced Contractors Always Have A Plan

One of the best ways to identify a quality contractor is to ask about their construction planning phase. It should be extremely thorough. Even though it takes time upfront and you might be anxious to get the build going -having a construction plan in place will end up saving time in the long run. Being able to anticipate potential delays ahead of time makes it easier to handle them when they do arise. 

Ready to tackle that next project with a team you can trust? Contact us today to set up a consultation. We’d be happy to discuss our construction planning process with you and how we can help you avoid the most common construction delays. 

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