Avoid These Mistakes To Keep Your Construction Timeline

We get it, construction has a bit of a bad reputation for taking longer than expected. And if you’re thinking about starting a renovation or new build, this can be off-putting. After all, you can’t put your life completely on hold without a reasonable timeline for completion. While some delays are truly out of our hands, there are a few ways to minimize other common delays. Here are a few mistakes to avoid if you want to preserve your construction timeline.

Adjust Your Scope

Right off the bat, we need to make sure that the project scope covers everything you want done. Without a clear idea of the goals, it can be difficult to accurately predict how long it will take. In addition, tacking things on along the way (scope creep) will prolong the timeline.

Make Some Room In The Construction Timeline

We know you want to get things done as soon as possible, but too tight of a timeline can end up causing more problems. It’s best to leave some wiggle room, so that one little hiccup doesn’t cause huge delays later on. Weather, material shortages, and other unexpected problems can and do crop up – even with the best planning. Part of making sure a construction timeline stays intact is building some room into the schedule to accommodate these potential issues. 

Good Communication

One of our values here at Dunlap is to provide good communication to clients about the project status. This also serves to help us tackle problems quickly so that they don’t snowball into huge delays. You can expect to hear from us regularly about how everything is going and what the next steps are. 

Dunlap works hard to ensure projects get completed on time. Developing a reliable construction timeline requires experience and skill – both of which we have in spades. As long as we avoid common pitfalls, even justifiable delays can be managed without negative consequences. To discuss your next project with us, schedule a meeting today.




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