Common Building Construction Delays And How To Avoid Them

When planning a construction project, the last thing you want to think about is potential delays. Unfortunately, delays are often a part of construction for one reason or another. Some can be anticipated and some are unwelcome surprises. We’re discussing some of the most common reasons for building construction delays and what you can do to avoid them.

Good Planning Goes A Long Way

In construction, we have two types of delays – true delays and “blockers.” A true delay is something like poor weather or materials not arriving on time. Blockers are related to the order of tasks – when one job depends on the completion of another job that hasn’t been done. It’s important to recognize the difference and how it affects the ability to plan accordingly. 

Our preconstruction process is designed specifically to set a schedule that will get the job done on time. It ensures blocker tasks are completed with priority while leaving flexibility for unavoidable delays like rain on concrete pouring day. 

Minimize Change Orders

Once the planning and scheduling have been completed, any changes will cause potential delays. It’s important to minimize last-minute design changes, as this can cause both material delays and put a wrench in the schedule by creating blocker issues. Plus, it usually ends up adding significant cost to the project.

A Vendor Network That Delivers

Our reliable vendor network, established over decades of years in partnership, ensures we have the best access to materials needed to complete the job. During early planning phases, we take stock of lead times and order hard-to-get materials right away to avoid delays down the line.

Choose The Right Contractor

If you’re ready to start your next project, schedule a meeting with us to see if we can help. Our tried and true construction process will help keep your build on track, so you can enjoy your new space as quickly as possible. 


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