Construction Services Dunlap Provides

Over the 40+ years we have been in business, Dunlap has grown to offer a wide variety of construction services across Western North Carolina. We started in 1979 with primarily residential construction, and have since added other types of construction like commercial, municipal, medical, and more to our portfolio. We have become a trusted partner to countless business owners, local hospital systems, and homeowners. Let’s talk more about the services we offer and how we can help you get started on your next project.

Our Construction Services

Throughout our years in operation, we have moved into nearly every sector of construction. No matter the project, we bring our tried and true process, company values, and exemplary customer service. 

  • Residential – While not the primary part of our business anymore, we still handle residential construction, remodeling, and renovation.
  • Commercial – Whether it’s new construction, or making an existing space work better for your business, we have the experience and resources to make it happen. We’ve worked with all types of businesses to maximize their operations with additions, renovation, or remodeling. 
  • Medical – Over the years, we have done work with hospitals and medical offices. These projects require unique knowledge of specialized codes and materials.
  • Municipal – We are qualified to work on city/government projects, including expertise in the bidding process and an understanding of local codes and regulations.
  • Restaurant – We love helping restaurants succeed! Sometimes that means a complete renovation of a space or small functional projects (like the sudden need for outdoor seating over the past couple of years). 
  • Recreation – Did you know we also do gyms, parks, and other recreational spaces? Dunlap is the choice for both business and play!
  • Restoration – Historic properties require a delicate touch. We employ just the right balance of modernization and honoring the original structure.

Discover for yourself why Dunlap is such a trusted name in construction throughout the WNC area. Our wide range of construction services makes us a stand-out choice for nearly any project. To get started with us, schedule a consultation. We would be happy to discuss your potential project and see if we would be a good fit. We know that choosing the right contractor for your project can make or break your whole experience. 

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