Downtown Hendersonville General Contractor: 5 Steps in Commercial Building Renovation Process

Renovating a commercial building is a complex process that requires a good amount of planning, cooperation with the contractor, getting required permits and certainly a good amount of money. Most people are hard pressed for an informed answer when they try to come up with the initial steps required in renovating a commercial building. In this article, we explain the whole commercial building renovation process using a step by step approach. If you are planning to hire a downtown Hendersonville general contractor, make sure to learn the 5 basic steps in commercial building renovation process.

Step 1: Project Initiation

Project initiation is the first step of any commercial renovation process. It usually involves heavy consideration for the main reasons for the renovation such as energy efficiency upgrade, end of life replacement, equipment failure, etc. Typically, only the owner is involved at this stage and the owner selects a contractor via an RFP/Bid selection process after floating a tender or by inviting bids for the renovation project. The budget and scope of the project are also defined at this stage. The contractor is usually not involved in this step.

Step 2: Design Development

An architect develops the design for the renovation during this stage, and usually, the owner, architect, engineer and contractor are involved in this step. To develop a good design all must cooperate and provide necessary feedback to the architect so that he can make any required changes in the first design draft.

The contractor plays a vital role during this step as he is often the person who interacts with the architect and provides his input for the design. The owner has a little bit of a reduced role at this stage as he may give some ideas, but most owners don’t commonly have a firm grasp on how to design a building and thus play a backseat role.

Step 3: Permits

Most states, North Carolina included, have strict building permit laws in place which require you to get the necessary permits before carrying out any building/construction/renovation work. This can be considered as one of the most critical steps in the renovation process as you may not be able to renovate without permission from government officials.

Usually, the architect submits the design along with building plans, fire safety mechanisms, etc. to the required department and interacts with the officials to get the necessary permits for your renovation process. Owners have a minimal role in the permitting process and are rarely, if ever, required to interact with the officials directly.

Step 4: Construction

You can start the construction once you got the necessary permits for your renovation process. Contractors, engineers and the architect work in tandem to ensure that the construction process is finished in the best way possible. The owner may inspect or conduct site walks to familiarize himself or to check if the work is going on as planned. The contractor usually supervises the whole construction process.

Step 5: Inspections

Once the work is finished, the owner, along with the government officials and the contractor, will inspect the site to ensure that the work has been done as desired. Government officials inspect to confirm that the work that has just been carried out doesn’t violate any statute or law.

Hire the Best Downtown Hendersonville General Contractor

Most people usually outsource the whole job to a contractor who then manages the architect, design, engineering aspects of the project and is often the most important person for the renovation process. Finding the right Downtown Hendersonville General Contractor is a complicated task as not all the contractors have the required experience or connections to smooth the process.

Dunlap Construction has carried out dozens of commercial building renovation projects and is considered among the best Downtown Hendersonville general contractors. Contact us today to get a customized quote for your commercial building renovation project.

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