Dunlap’s Approach Makes Us A Top Construction Contractor

After over 40 years serving the Western North Carolina region, we are still a top construction contractor for local businesses, hospitals, city buildings, and more. Why? Our customer-focused approach and family values allow us to build lasting relationships with our clients. 

The Dunlap Approach

We believe that a successful project hinges on good communication, quality assurance, and on-time delivery. That’s why we utilize a three-step process to ensure we deliver every time.

  1. Pre-Construction. Your project doesn’t just begin when we start digging – it starts long before that with detailed planning. After a thorough consultation, we provide a variety of pre-construction services to our clients like estimating, scheduling, value engineering, and procurement management. This process allows us to continually clarify details and timelines and make adjustments for long-lead-time materials. Plus, it saves time and money down the line once construction starts.
  2. Construction. Our highly skilled team has experience in nearly all sectors of construction. As general contractors, we handle all the details ensuring that your project stays on track and on budget. We utilize licensed and insured subcontractors and coordinate all scheduling. But, our work doesn’t end when we hand you the keys.
  3. Post-Construction. We want to make sure the transition of your project from us to you goes as smoothly as possible. Our construction close-out includes punch lists, equipment testing, training, documentation, training manuals, and more. We also issue a 1 year warranty (although our door is always open).

Your Local Construction Contractor

We live and work in our community, which means that every project – big or small – feels like one of our own. Each client becomes a part of our family. We are honored to be your choice over and over again, and take special joy in being the one who is called in an emergency. That means our community truly trusts us to provide quality service when the stakes are high. For your next project, get in touch with us to schedule a consultation. 


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