Healthcare Facilities Construction Expert

When it comes to healthcare facilities, performing construction work has a unique set of challenges. Whether it’s new construction or remodeling, it’s important to choose a contractor that has the experience and qualifications to do the job. We’ve been working with our local hospital systems and medical offices for decades, honing our skills in this specific type of construction. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges of healthcare construction, and how we expertly tackle them.

Many Healthcare Facilities Are Open 24/7/365

If you want to remodel your business, you might close for a few weeks to get the job done. While downtime is never ideal, it’s typically preferred over working in a construction zone. But what happens when a hospital needs to remodel its patient rooms? Waiting rooms? The lobby? Certain areas may need to be closed for construction, which means patient traffic has to be redirected. We work closely with the facility management to come up with a temporary alternative so that services can remain uninterrupted. 

Strict Safety Protocols

We are sticklers for safety on all of our job sites, but in a healthcare setting where people are coming in and out all day long, this is especially important. After all, the idea is to get better when you go to a hospital, not get injured! We ensure the facility is as safe as possible during construction. 

Specific Codes and Standards

Healthcare construction comes with its own set of codes and standards that must be followed in order to keep patients and employees safe. For example, ventilation/HVAC, lighting, and even building materials must meet certain standards. Imagine if your surgeon didn’t have the appropriate lighting while operating! Or, if a hallway was too narrow for two stretchers to pass each other? These scenarios might sound silly, but specific healthcare construction codes ensure all of the details – big and small – are handled. 

While not all contractors are able and qualified to perform healthcare-related construction work, we are! We have worked on both large and small projects with clients like Pardee Hospital and medical offices like Hendersonville Dermatology. To learn more about healthcare/medical construction, contact us today

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