Hendersonville Municipal Construction: Navigating the Process

Not all construction projects are created equal. In some cases, special considerations must be taken to ensure the end result meets all legal requirements. When it comes to Hendersonville municipal construction, there are certain regulations that must be followed above and beyond regular construction regulations. Fortunately, Dunlap Construction has years of experience doing municipal construction projects and is well qualified to help you through this process.

Basic Public Procurement Requirements

For Hendersonville municipal construction projects, there are bidding process requirements to ensure the resulting contract cannot be voided. Unless these requirements are followed, no purchasing or payment for materials can take place. A basic formula determines which bidding process must be used, consisting of a combination of “Contract Type” and “Cost.” It’s easier to visualize possible outcomes with this graph. 

municipal construction projects bidding

Graph courtesy of NC School Of Government

Once the bidding method has been determined, each step in that process must be followed exactly until the bids are evaluated and one (or more) is awarded.  At $90,000 the Hendersonvillle County Inspection Department has additional requirements like drawing plans and more detailed specifications are required for review during the bidding process. Plans are also required to be approved by the local Fire Marshall for fire safety.

Construction Methods

Depending on the size of the project, municipalities may choose to award multiple contracts for certain portions of the construction. Or, they can choose to award the entire project to one general contractor. Navigating this complicated process is one of our specialties. We have experience working in both settings, coordinating with other construction companies as needed to complete the job to the highest standards. 

Throughout our years in operation, we have completed dozens of Hendersonville municipal construction projects like the Henderson County Court House and new training room at the Fletcher Police Department. 

These types of builds do require extra care and consideration to ensure the process goes smoothly and all regulations are met. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions about your next project. We are happy to discuss your needs and what regulations may apply. 

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