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Dunlap has been serving the Western North Carolina area for over 40 years. During that time, we have grown and changed along with this beautiful part of the country. We have seen the need for development increasing in nearly every sector. But, one of the fastest changing sectors we have worked with is healthcare. Much like the field itself, the design and construction seems to be constantly changing. Throughout our time in operation, we have developed close relationships with many of the healthcare systems – working with them to adapt to new demands. Our reputation as a trusted partner has made us one of the top healthcare general contractors in the WNC area. 

Changing Demands

As the practice of healthcare changes with new technology and patient needs, so does the facility design and construction that supports it. What we have seen is a shift away from stark, maximum capacity facilities to smaller “satellite” clinics that are oriented towards more outpatient treatment and preventative healthcare. These clinics are more accessible and focus on keeping people healthy and out of a major hospital.

Changing Design

Because of the shifting direction, healthcare facility design is different than before. All healthcare general contractors should understand these trends, but some have more experience than others. Find a contractor who really understands your goals and the services you provide to patients. 

When our medical clients come to us for building solutions, we take a comprehensive, modern approach to the project. Some of the key points to consider are:

  • Function for patient care – What primary services do you offer? Through determination of facility size, appropriate allocation of space, and considerations for patient safety and comfort, we develop a floor plan that maximizes efficiency.
  • Longevity and Sustainability – We want your facility to withstand the test of time. Where applicable, we try to feature sustainable materials and make environmentally friendly choices.
  • Innovation – We work with you to cultivate a vision for your space and execute it in a creative way. We know that interior design plays a huge role in overall success. 
  • Evidence based design – We use the latest studies in medical research to guide the project. They show that facility design heavily influences patient outcomes and experience.

Dunlap has been partnering with various healthcare facilities and hospital systems for years. We understand that developments in healthcare are always advancing, and we keep up with the changes that trickle down into construction. As a result, our skill and experience in the healthcare sector is truly unmatched in WNC. If you are looking for a contractor for your medical construction project, give us a call or contact us through our website


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