How To Find A Remodeling Contracting Company

When you decide to pursue a remodel, you want to choose the right remodeling contracting company. This decision may very well make or break your project – or your budget. So, how do you know who to work with? We have some tips to help you make a solid choice.

Ask Around

The best referral is one from a friend or family member who has had a good experience! In fact, it can save you a lot of time narrowing down your options. Make sure to ask detailed questions, like how the contractor handled any issues that arose. Word of mouth is a great way to discover both positive experiences – and negative ones. You might be able to quickly cross some names OFF your list as well.

Check Qualifications

Depending on the nature of your remodel, certain qualifications may be required. But, at the very least, your contracting company should be bonded, licensed, and insured. Don’t be afraid to ask for a portfolio, or to discuss previous projects. If you see that a company has completed a similar project to what you have in mind, ask if you can speak to the client as a reference. 

Interview A Few Candidates

Once you have settled on a few solid choices, interview each of them. This is a great time to get to know how the company works and if you feel they understand your vision. Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable and confident with their process and how they are communicating.

Dunlap Is A Top Remodeling Contracting Company

Dunlap has been serving the WNC community for over 40 years, and in that time we have earned a reputation for quality work and excellent customer service. It’s why clients come back to us over and over again! Our portfolio consists of a wide variety of construction projects in nearly every sector. Whether it’s commercial or residential, Dunlap gets the job done right every time. To discuss your remodeling project, contact us today

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