How To Make Sure You’re Working With A Quality Builder

When you finally get the go ahead for your next construction project, what’s the next step? Seeking out a quality builder may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. We have some insider tips to help you narrow the field and find the best contractor for the job.

Bundle Projects

First, get your project package together with the complete scope of work. If you have multiple projects or a project with a few phases, consider presenting them together as one bid. Upping the value of the project can garner interest from larger, more experienced builders.

Attracting A Quality Builder

The next step will be to get qualified builders to look at your project and submit their bid. During the RFQ (Request for Qualifications) process, the owner or architect makes a formal request for builders to submit their qualifications. For example, if the project is medical construction, you might ask for a history of medical-related work. If the scope of work requires knowledge of heavy regulations and codes, like municipal or military construction, you only want quotes from builders who are qualified in these areas. This process is so customary that most quality builders will even have packages on hand to send in response to an RFQ.

While you can approach builders in your area and skip this step, the RFQ  process ensures that only high quality, experienced contractors will respond. 

Consider Multiple Options

We always recommend getting at least 4-6 qualified general contractors to submit a quote for you. Make sure the quotes are itemized for some materials and labor, so you can compare them side by side. Plan to sit down and discuss the project and your vision with each candidate. This time allows you to see how well you “mesh” with a certain builder, and how they handle customer feedback and input.

Dunlap has navigated the bidding qualification process countless times since we first opened our doors in the 70s. We know how important finding a quality builder is to how well your project is executed. That’s why, time and time again our clients return to us for their construction needs. One major reason is that we are qualified in many different types of construction. From residential and commercial, to medical, municipal, and restoration – we do it all. We would be happy to provide our qualifications for your construction need. Contact us today to discuss your next project. 


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