How We Manage Safety On The Construction Site

Safety on a construction site is perhaps the most important part of a successful project. Of course, everyone wants a project that finishes on time and on budget, but the safety of our team and the client comes first. We take calculated measures to ensure the safest conditions possible, and our record speaks for itself. Here are some of the top ways we prioritize safety. 

Set Expectations

Everyone involved in a project is aware of the high expectations we hold around job site safety. It’s part of our company culture, and we routinely discuss accident prevention and compliance with safety policy. This includes things like always wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) when required, identifying potential hazards on each site, plans and procedures, and going over all applicable local or state regulations. 

Training Keeps Us Sharp

Ensuring that anyone working on the job site has the proper training and qualifications for the job they are doing or the machinery they are operating greatly reduces the likelihood of incidents. In addition, continuing education may be required to keep qualifications current. We also conduct regular training sessions specifically on job site safety and procedures. 

Inspections Of The Construction Site

Humans make mistakes, which is why we routinely visit job sites to see how things are going and address any safety concerns. Inspections act as a “check” to catch potential issues before they become a larger problem. Plus, it keeps the project on track and allows us to update the client regularly on the progress.

Communicate Regularly

Good communication is central to nearly every aspect of our business, and safety is no exception. In addition to physically visiting active projects, we also communicate daily about what’s going on. Our crew can alert us to a potential issue, and we can take steps to remedy it right away.

We are proud of the quality work we do and our safety record. To learn more about how Dunlap keeps its construction sites safe, schedule a consultation with us. 


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