How We Prioritize Construction Safety

Construction is inherently risky, which is why here at Dunlap we take safety seriously. When you have the right systems in place, you can mitigate the risks and create a safer environment. Our goal is to not only perform high quality work on time, and on budget, but to also do that work without people getting injured during the process. This is important on new builds and renovations alike, and especially on projects where parts of the building are still operational, like hospitals. Let’s take a look at how we prioritize construction safety.

Understanding The Risks

The first step to managing safety is to truly understand the risks. Each type of project comes with both common and unique potential problems that must be accounted for. What type of equipment will be on site? Which subcontractors will be there? Are there fall risks? We need to make a plan for each project to ensure all our bases are covered.

Training And Certification

It’s extremely important that everyone on the job site is properly trained for both the job they are performing and certified appropriately, where necessary. This means that all subs are vetted thoroughly and their qualifications have to pass muster. Whether it’s heavy equipment operating or detail carpentry, proper training reduces the risk of accidents. 

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

You’ve seen those “hardhats required” signs around construction sites, but PPE is more than hardhats. Depending on the task, workers may need harnesses for fall protection, gloves and other protective wear, safety glasses, and special shoes. We regularly audit our job sites to ensure that everyone is wearing the appropriate PPE.

Construction Safety Is A Team Sport

At Dunlap, we operate as a team. Everyone is responsibly for behaving safely and noticing potential hazards on the job. We value input and feedback from all of the people working on a project, especially when it comes to safety. 

For a job done right – and safely- there’s no better team than Dunlap. That’s why so much of our business involves repeat clients. Discover how Dunlap can make your next project dreams a reality. Schedule a consultation with us today. 

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