Keeping Your Building Budget On Track

With prices on materials still high and long delays in procurement, how can you keep your building budget on track? An experienced contractor will be able to navigate these uncertain times using a large network of suppliers and making educated suggestions about material swaps. Even though it costs more to build now, there are ways to keep your building budget from breaking the bank. Read on for a few helpful tips. 

Plan Ahead 

We’ve discussed the importance of pre-construction services many times, but it bears repeating. Planning well makes the difference between success and failure. Our comprehensive pre-construction process is designed to cover every detail. We take this time to identify any potential issues with material lead times or pricing and put backup plans into place. We set the schedule to align with material deliveries and construction timelines to maximize efficiency.

Keep Changes Minimal

Once we go through the pre-construction process, we request that changes be kept to a minimum. Deciding on a different material, finish, or design after this phase is complete puts you at risk for delays and increased costs. Last-minute changes are a huge budget buster – and one that’s entirely avoidable. 

Communicate About The Building Budget Often

During the building process, we will keep you up to date on how things are progressing – including how the budget is looking. If anything unexpected crops up, we will bring it up with you quickly so we can discuss solutions together. Communication is a critical part of the construction process, and it helps to keep your budget on track.

When you’re working with a high-quality contractor like Dunlap, you benefit from our decades of experience in handling inflation and shortages. We have processes in place to ensure that your build is completed within your budget. Ready to learn more about the Dunlap way? Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your next project. 


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