Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating Your Office

Over the years, we have seen the many ups and downs of office renovation. In the end, all the time and effort will be worth it as you achieve your goals. Still, there are ways you can help streamline the process for yourself and the contractor at work. We have discovered some common mistakes you might want to avoid while renovating your office.

Staying On Site

We know being displaced from your office is unsettling – but it’s really the best way to ensure the safety of all parties. Construction is messy and can be dangerous to people not wearing the right protective gear. Working around on-site employees who want to remain at the construction location is cumbersome and could end up with someone being injured. We will always tell you if leaving the premises is recommended based on the scope of work. Safety is a priority above all else!

Changing Your Mind Too Much

Indecisiveness on the part of the business owner always costs time and money. During the planning process, we will discuss the timelines of decisions and encourage you to make final calls by that time. Changes after those deadlines risk the overall project not being completed on time or on budget. 

Ordering Mishaps

Along the same lines as indecisiveness, it is critical to make final decisions for long-lead time items in a timely manner. Failing to order materials on time can hold up a project several steps down the line. Our project managers can help you stay ahead of these tasks. 

Deadline Confusion

We don’t want you to be disappointed about how long a project can take, but we also want to be realistic. Rushing through a renovation is ill-advised. Dunlap has over 30 years of experience estimating jobs, so you can trust our project timeline. We’ll make sure everything is complete – including inspections – before you arrive.

Incomplete Prep Work

As the business owner you can help us be the most efficient with our time by properly preparing your home for renovation. That means moving furniture and other possessions out of the area under construction. A temporary storage pod is a great solution. We don’t want to risk damage to items left in the office.

Budget Woes

The time to get clear about your budget is during the planning phase. Be sure to include a contingency amount for unforeseen costs that may come up during the process. Failure to plan for these unexpected costs can put your entire project at risk. We can discuss potential issues with you based on what we have seen in the past and help you decide how much contingency to set aside.

As an experienced contractor in WNC, we have seen it all. The best way to avoid these mistakes is to make sure you are on the same page as your contractor. Direct communication about expectations goes a long way to preventing these issues from cropping up. If you’re considering renovating your office, get in touch with us. We will discuss your project in detail and help you every step of the way to realize your dream office!



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