Now Is A Great Time For Commercial Construction

While some industries have come to a screeching halt due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been fortunate to continue providing construction services to our WNC region. In fact, for certain sectors, now may be the ideal time to begin a project. With many office spaces left empty in favor of remote work, builders must adapt to the changes in commercial construction needs.  

Take Advantage Of Down Time

While everyone is at home working, now is the time to tackle that office renovation you’ve been putting off.  Take advantage of a more flexible timeline to start a new commercial construction project or a renovation. Some people really enjoy working from home, but most experts agree that employees will eventually return to the office. Your existing space may need some work to accommodate a partial return with distancing and barriers. Or, maybe you’re planning for a post-pandemic workspace. In either case, an empty building is easier to renovate. 

Understanding The Changing Commercial Construction Needs

As veteran builders of over 40 years, we know that building trends change for a variety of reasons. We are always incorporating new concepts into our portfolio, and are quick to adapt. According to Fortune magazine, the post-pandemic office will look different, and we are already seeing those changes trickling into new projects and renovations. Office space will be very intentional, used primarily for the collaboration that has been missing from the telework landscape. These collaborative spaces may be larger than before to accommodate distancing. They will likely feature easy to clean materials, good quality air filtration, natural lighting, and outdoor space where possible. Large scale renovations to address these issues take time, and often come with disruption of day to day operations. But now, we can handle all of these upgrades while your staff is safe at home. 

Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future and we know that uncertainty is challenging. At Dunlap we use our decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of this industry to navigate changes. We can help you renovate or build an office space that you feel confident returning to. Feel free to contact us to discuss your commercial construction project. 

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