Office Construction Changes And Post-Pandemic Life

Over our 40+ years in business, we have certainly weathered a few storms. But, it’s safe to say the past 18+ have been unprecedented. Between ensuring the health and safety of our team, our clients, and still meeting the construction needs of WNC amid supply and labor shortages, we have relied on our core values to get us through. We immediately stepped in to help our local businesses adapt to changing safety recommendations, remodeling restaurants and commercial spaces. Now, we are seeing a shift in new builds to reflect a “new normal” for offices around the country. What kind of office construction changes can you expect? Let’s explore these and what it means for post-pandemic office life.

The Pull Back To The Office

When everyone who was able to work at home became remote workers nearly overnight, some people thrived. A certain percentage of the remote workforce enjoys the freedom of working at home. As offices re-open, many business owners face the challenge of coaxing their employees back into the office. New commercial design is trending toward higher-end finishes, open/collaborative spaces, natural light, and even outdoor work areas. Even in a hybrid remote and in-person schedule, the goal is to make offices more appealing through good design. 

A Focus On Wellness

New facilities often include workplace perks like wellness spaces. From yoga studios, small gyms, or even outdoor walking paths, employers are sweetening the deal. These bonuses benefit everyone involved, keeping employees healthy, focused, and ultimately improving the bottom line. 

Office Construction Changes As Demands Change

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that the office environment reflects what’s happening in the world. As we move towards reconnecting, both socially and professionally, people will need some encouragement to leave the safety of their home office. Whether you’re looking to remodel your office or build a new space, Dunlap can help. We have handled countless remodels throughout this difficult time, making much-needed changes for businesses to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Contact us to schedule a time when we can sit down together to discuss your business and how your office space can be improved. We look forward to serving our WNC community, helping it thrive during this challenging season. 

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