Post Construction Punch List: What Is It?

After the construction process (which can be long and grueling), we know you are eager to take occupancy of your new or renovated building. However, we perform a few extra steps before that happens. Trust us – you don’t want your contractor to leave before a project closeout punch list. This best practice protects you from uncompleted or incorrect work.

What Is A Punch List?

While technically not mandatory, the punch list is a widespread industry practice – for good reason. Simply put, this list contains tasks and/or items that need to be completed before a project is considered finished. As part of our close-out process, Dunlap performs this during final walk-throughs with the owner and subcontractors. Having multiple eyes on the construction ensures we catch anything that still needs work. Once everyone agrees on the issues at hand, we make sure the appropriate party takes care of each item. 

Comprehensive Post Construction Services Are Key

A quality contractor works closely with you every step of the process, and that includes post-construction. Any issues or flaws must be handled satisfactorily before handing over the keys. However, a punch list is just one part of Dunlap’s protocol for project completion. Our comprehensive post-construction services leave you feeling 100% confident in your new space. In addition to the punch list, we include other important steps:

  • Onsite Training – We train you in all systems and equipment required for operation.
  • Operation Manuals – We provide any paperwork necessary for maintenance, operation, and training.
  • Construction Warranty Follow Up – We back our work with a one-year warranty.
  • Continued Communication & Support – We offer an open-door policy and welcome questions/ concerns even after the job is done.

We believe our commitment to customer satisfaction is one of the primary reasons that clients return to us time and time again.  Contact us today! We look forward to talking with you.

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