Pre Construction Services Start Projects Off On The Right Track

Every successful project with Dunlap starts with our comprehensive pre construction services. We believe this part of the process, while not necessarily action-packed, is absolutely crucial. What exactly is involved in pre construction services and how do these steps ensure your project is successful? Let’s find out!

Why Are Pre Construction Services Important?

Construction is a complicated business. With budget concerns, deadlines, material sourcing, and scheduling – there are a lot of moving parts. Essentially, this part of the process happens before we break ground. During pre construction, we take great care to ensure every detail is planned and executed on time, and on budget. 

What Is Covered During This Process?

We know that construction often involves unexpected surprises. However, investing time and effort upfront means fewer hiccups down the line. As a full-service general contractor, we offer a multifaceted approach that consists of:

  • Consulting – We’ll have an initial discussion about budget, scope, and timeline. This also allows us to see if we are a good fit for you or vice versa.
  • Estimating – Dunlap provides three types of cost estimations: planning, budget, and firm depending on how much information we have about the project. As we finalize a contract, we ultimately end up with a “not to exceed” price.  
  • Scheduling – We begin outlining plans for how the project moves forward. Plus, we ensure everyone is on the same page and is accountable for tasks to be done. We vet and check-in with subcontractors required for the job.
  • Value Engineering – Clients return to us again and again because we provide unmatched value. Especially when done early in the process, we can suggest cost-saving alternatives based on decades of experience. 
  • Constructability Review – We perform a review of the design documents to make sure they include everything we have discussed and accurately portray the scope of the project. Clarity narrows the bidding for a more exact estimate.
  • Procurement Management – Now more than ever, this step is critical. Long lead times and shortages cause stressful delays. During our pre construction services, we identify these areas and plan for them in the timeline. In addition, we begin awarding contacts to subcontractors and vendors.

Your Trusted Builder

Pre construction services provide a solid foundation for each project we take on. Dunlap has over 40 years of experience working with local WNC businesses utilizing our proven system for success. Our portfolio spans nearly every sector. Looking for a contractor for your next project? Get in touch with us! We look forward to meeting with you. 

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