Renovate or Remodel – What’s The Difference?

Are you considering making some changes to your commercial space? Should you renovate or remodel? What’s the difference? Before your hire a contractor, you’ll need to decide which approach will help you reach your goals. Let’s discuss these options to see whether renovating or remodeling would be right for you.

Commercial Renovation

When we renovate a commercial space, the goal is to repair or restore an existing building. Generally, people choose to renovate to enhance the appearance or function for their use or to aid in a future sale. The scope of a renovation includes things like:

  • Replacing light fixtures
  • Updating the electrical
  • Replacing flooring
  • Repairing walls

A renovation typically does not include changing the layout of a space by removing walls or building additions. Renovations are a good choice for historic buildings or anyone who wants to make cosmetic upgrades. Even if you’re making only minor changes, there are benefits to using a contractor. We take on all the moving parts of scheduling delivery of materials, installation, and any post-construction issues.

Commercial Remodeling

Remodeling, on the other hand, usually involves major changes that permanently alter the structure of a building. Remodeling includes:

  • Removing walls to combine spaces
  • Building an addition
  • Fully changing the layout of the space completely (aka the “gut job”)

Remodeling can be a huge undertaking, and definitely requires the expertise of a general contractor. People sometimes underestimate the complexity of remodels and how quickly things can go awry. In addition, you might run into unexpected problems outside of your abilities. These large projects should be managed and performed by a licensed contractor to ensure the job is done safely and to code. 

Whether you need to renovate or remodel, Dunlap has you covered. We have experience in both larger scope, full remodels as well as smaller renovations. Whatever your commercial construction needs, Dunlap can help you make the most of your build. Your space should work hard for you, so let’s make some changes to increase the function. Contact us to get started with your commercial project today.

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