Professional Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction management is critical to the success of an any project. We have found that getting involved early in the process is of great importance. Outlining the pre-construction phase plan gives everyone a clear understanding of project goals and requirements. Seeing the bigger picture allows Dunlap Construction to provide accurate estimates and site reviews from the very first day of construction

The Pre-Construction Planning Process

During the pre-construction phase, Dunlap Construction typically provides the following:

Pre-Construction Consulting

Dunlap Construction brings experience to the table, getting things off to a good start before the project begins. By getting involved early we help to develop project goals related to scope, budget, and schedule.

Pre-Construction Estimating

Dunlap Construction excels in providing cost-effective pre-construction services to our clients. In doing so, we are able to provide many types of pre-construction estimates. The first type of a pre-construction estimate is a planning estimate, which is a rough approximation of cost prepared for information purposes only. The second is a budget estimate, which is an approximation based on preliminary cost information that is provided to us. The third, common type of pre-construction estimate is a firm estimate. A firm estimate is a figure based on cost data that allows us to enter into a binding contract. The final process in a pre-construction estimate is a not-to-exceed price. The not-to-exceed estimate is the maximum amount required to accomplish the job.

Pre-Construction Scheduling

We believe that pre-construction scheduling is the foundation of a successful project. It is our focus and attention at this phase that determines the success of a project. Pre-construction scheduling outlines the plan going forward, sets expectations for the project, and keeps everyone involved accountable. Our pre-construction scheduling services assist in the development of the design, and assure it is completed on time and within the budget. The development of an initial construction schedule is completed at this time and aids in establishing milestones for the project.

Value Engineering

The budget is always a consideration on our projects and we are committed to providing the best value for our clients. During value engineering, we determine if the scope of work correlates with the budget, and we then suggest areas for cost savings. Value engineering can be introduced at any point during a project; however, it is most effective when utilized early in the pre-construction planning process.

Constructability Review

We want to make sure that what is being designed is reflected accurately in the plans. Here, we take the opportunity to simplify and clarify details consistent with industry practices, so our bidders don’t fill their bids with high-priced contingencies. During this process, we review design documents for inaccuracies and oversights. We evaluate proposed materials, product deliveries, target areas of concern, provide alternative solutions, and make sure everyone is on the same page. We work continuously with all design professionals and subcontractors involved in the project to ensure that there are no surprises during construction that will impact the schedule or budget.

Procurement Management

Procurement management is an often overlooked area of the construction process. During this process, we identify long-lead time materials and equipment, and store them until needed on site. We also pre-qualify our vendors and award proposals. After awarding contracts, we request package submittals on all materials and equipment. These are reviewed and approved based on specifications.