Special Considerations For Medical Facilities Construction

At Dunlap, we’ve been fortunate to work with countless medical facilities and offices in the WNC area. This type of construction is a bit different from other construction types and requires special considerations during the process. There are unique guidelines, codes, and challenges that go along with healthcare-related construction. As experts in this field, we have just the right experience and qualifications to handle these particular projects. Let’s discuss the main concerns.

Medical Facilities Have A Unique Design

Unlike your house or an office, medical facilities have specific design elements that are unusual. For example, an exam room, operating room, or extra wide hallway are not spaces that are a part of your average build. In addition to the design of the facility itself, you typically also see specialized surfaces – floors, counters, and even walls made of antimicrobial materials made to withstand heavy, constant cleaning. Healthcare construction requires knowledge of these distinct building codes, materials, and other regulations to ensure a safe and functional outcome. 

Healthcare Spaces Are Rarely Empty

Unless it’s a new build, medical construction often takes place while the facility is still operational. This requires an incredibly experienced, safety-minded contractor to redirect the flow of people and activities while work is being done. In addition, you have to juggle the re-opening of completed areas while moving on to another space – all while keeping the employees and patients out of harm’s way. 

Healthcare construction is challenging, but so rewarding for us. We’ve worked with many of our local hospital systems to make improvements to the facilities that improve both the function and the patient experience. Our extensive experience allows us to minimize the interruption to daily operations as much as possible. For both hospitals and medical offices, there’s only one choice – Dunlap! Come and talk to us today about your medical construction needs. 


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