The Construction Delays You Want To Avoid

Dunlap has been in the construction business for over 40 years. During that time, we developed the ability to adapt to ebbs and flows and notice patterns. Despite operating in a somewhat unpredictable industry, certain things stay the same. These are the construction delays we see throughout the construction industry, and here are our best tips to avoid them.

The Construction Design Has Flaws

Projects that start off without proper design review are much more likely to end up in delays – and over budget. Too often, structural problems are discovered once construction is already in progress. Fortunately, an experienced contractor knows that pre-construction services are crucial to the success of any build. These important steps ensure that design flaws are addressed early on, saving precious time and money down the road. Work with a GC that offers a comprehensive constructability review to avoid this costly trap.

Poor Construction Management Causes Unnecessary Delays

It takes both knowledge and experience to successfully manage a construction project. Simply knowing building code and regulations won’t be enough. Years on the job in real-world conditions provide valuable experience, especially when it comes to scheduling. We know exactly when to schedule subcontractors and how long each job should take. This allows us to give our clients an accurate timeline and meet deadlines without delay.

Handling Hiccups

No matter how well you manage your project, unexpected issues can still derail your progress. Weather, for example, is a common reason cited for delays. Certain jobs may be delayed because of weather, but a quality contractor will be able to shift focus to tasks that can be completed. As a result, your project stays on track. Our ability to pivot during challenging circumstances sets us apart from less experienced contractors. 

Overall, working with an experienced contractor like Dunlap is the best way to avoid these common pitfalls. Our project portfolio spans nearly all construction sectors over four decades, making us one of the most sought-after general contractors in WNC. Clients come to us time and time again because of our stellar track record and experience. Looking for a partner for your next project? Contact us today.


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