The Importance Of A Local General Contractor in Hendersonville: What is and How Can Dunlap Help You Obtain a Building Permit?

Most local governments have strict laws in place which regulate the construction of new buildings or renovation of existing ones. Laws usually differ for commercial and residential buildings, but you can be assured that there are laws that you need to follow to carry out most construction activity on your property. In most cases, you don’t need to worry about this if you are going to hire a local general contractor.

Most people who want to carry out any home renovation or construction work will need to get a building permit from the relevant department. The main idea behind the building permit is to ensure that new construction is not done in violation of existing laws regarding land use, zoning, etc. and the structure meets the necessary safety standards.

What is a Building Permit?

A building permit can be understood as the official approval issued by the concerned government body, which signals that you or your contractor can proceed with the intended construction or renovation. A building permit addresses several essential questions such as fire protection, structural integrity, zoning laws, sanitation, water, electrical wiring, and sewer lines.

Each locality, municipality, or region has its laws for regulating the construction industry and these laws vary from region to region. A building permit is usually issued only after you or your contractor convince the relevant authorities that the construction work being carried out adheres to all existing laws for construction/renovation/remodeling.


When do you need a Building Permit?

As a general rule of thumb, not all construction work requires you to apply for a building permit as minor construction or remodeling can be done without one. But if the construction work being carried out is going to change the structure of your house fundamentally, then you need to apply for a building permit.

Can you renovate your business without a building permit?

Many people knowingly or unknowingly proceed with their construction plans without even applying for a building permit. They naively assume that once the construction is done, everything will be fine.

Local authorities can order you to demolish the illegal construction done without a building permit and may also ask you or your contractor to cough up hefty fines. It’s possible to legalize the construction done without a building permit, but the fees are often several times than the fees required to be paid for a building permit.

Hiring a Local General Contractor in Hendersonville

If you hire an outside contractor for renovating your business, then ask them about the building permit as most reputed contractors themselves handle building permit processes on behalf of their client, and due to this, the bids submitted by contractors also include the fees for arranging a building permit.

Finding a local general contractor in Hendersonville is not an easy task as several contractors in the market deliver sub-par results, are slow to deliver, and perform shoddy work even when they do show up. Dunlap Construction is one of the leading local general contractors in Hendersonville, and we’ve helped hundreds of clients with building permits. We can expedite the building permit process by expertly navigating the local requirements.

We are a family run business, servicing the Western North Carolina area, dedicated to providing outstanding value and superior service. You can contact us for a consultation regarding your project.

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