The Importance Of Pre Construction Value Engineering

Dunlap Construction has over 40 years of experience working with local businesses, homeowners, hospitals, and more in Western North Carolina. Our process is tried and true – and we stand by it. Clients come back to us time and time again because of our commitment to providing the most value and highest quality work. Before construction even begins, we conduct a thorough checklist of pre-construction services. One of these steps is value engineering. Let’s discuss why value engineering is so important to achieving success.

What Is Value Engineering?

During value engineering, we perform a detailed analysis of the proposed project. We assess the design, function, equipment, and other features to optimize the cost/benefit. This step proves to be critical in helping our clients stay within their budget while maximizing their ROI (return on investment). Some of the things we consider during this process are:

  • Cost – Cost reduction, comparison, finding the best materials at the best price.
  • Maintenance/Lifecycle – Examining costs associated with upkeep and replacement. 
  • Aesthetics – Assessing the long-term aesthetic value, discussing trends.
  • Safety – Ensuring the final design still meets all code requirements.

Value engineering is not simply the process of reducing costs, but balancing upfront costs with costs over time. We consider all aspects of the design and its longevity to ensure the outcome offers the most value. Most importantly, we must preserve the primary function of the space. Decades of experience play a crucial role in how we can offer alternatives, solutions, and other insight. We utilize our large network of vetted suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors to provide you with the best options at the best value. Then, we work these changes seamlessly into the plan. 

Working with Dunlap means you get to take advantage of the knowledge and experience gained during our longstanding history with successful projects here in WNC. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to working with you. 


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