Tips For Hiring A Commercial General Contractor

As a full service general contractor, we have experience in a wide range of sectors on the commercial side of construction. When it comes to hiring a commercial general contractor, what should you know? Here are some tips to find the best fit.

Do You Need A Commercial General Contractor?

First, determine if the scope of work you have in mind requires (or could benefit from) hiring a commercial general contractor. If the job will take longer than a few days, involves several subcontractors, and/or requires permits, definitely consider hiring a contractor. In these circumstances, a professional can save you time and costly mistakes. But, you need to choose wisely.

Basic Background Check

Before working with any contractor, check to be sure they have the proper licensure and are bonded and insured. Plus, you’ll want to review their experience. How long have they been in business? With over 40 years of experience, Dunlap Construction has become one of the most trusted names in construction. Not only do we meet licensure requirements for commercial new construction, but we also do specialty work like renovation and restoration. 

Ask Around

Word of mouth is powerful, and we are delighted every time a new client comes to us from another client’s referral. Aside from asking friends and family about their experiences, you can also read company reviews on third party websites like Google. Dig around their website to find testimonials and project photos and learn about the company’s misson

Schedule A Meeting

Once you’ve done some due diligence, schedule a meeting with your top few choices. We always recommend seeing more than one commercial general contractor. Be prepared with questions about their experience, qualifications, process, and timelines. Talking about your project is a good way to get a feel for the company and if they understand your needs. Never underestimate the power of gut instinct!

Dunlap Construction is a family owned business, fully qualified to be your commercial general contractor. We are happy to sit down with you and provide our certifications and portfolio. Our team will answer any questions you might have. We have a well earned reputation of excellent workmanship and customer service and look forward to proving that to you. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.



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