Tips For Resolving Disputes With A Building Contractor

At Dunlap Construction, we have prided ourselves on high quality post-construction services for more than 40 years. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and we strive to ensure that every project ends with a smile on our customer’s faces. Unfortunately, we can’t handle every construction project in Western North Carolina and not every contractor is good to their word. Unexpected problems can pop up at any stage and less experienced and reputable builders sometimes choose not to stand by their work; it can be particularly challenging to handle an issue after construction is over. As an experienced, family-owned building contractor in Hendersonville, NC, Dunlap Construction is committed to ensuring you are happy with your construction project at every step – including after we leave the site. What is the best way to handle a dispute after the job is complete?

Put It In Writing

For clarity and record keeping purposes, it’s best to submit your issue in writing. Be sure to review all relevant warranty paperwork beforehand, especially in the case of appliances. Those issues may fall under manufacturer warranties, in which case the builder is may not be responsible.

When composing your  letter, keep it brief and to the point. What is the nature of the issue? How would you like it resolved? Use calm, straightforward language and avoid threats. Remember that it is in everyone’s best interest to find a solution. Be sure to include important information like your name, address, and contact telephone numbers. Send a copy to the builder and keep the original for your own records. 

Contact The Building Contractor Directly

Most builders want the chance to make it right before issues escalate to legal or regulatory action. At Dunlap, we focus on building and maintaining relationships with our clients. We never want to leave you unsatisfied with a job, which is why we offer post construction services as standard practice. In fact, we are the only building contractor in Hendersonville and the surrounding areas that provides such comprehensive service to eliminate issues after construction is complete. Please contact us right away with any problems so we can address it quickly and efficiently.

Our Post Construction Services

We believe the best way to avoid issues is through our detail oriented approach to projects. We take great care to consider every outcome and plan for it accordingly. This includes preparing for the transition off the project with our post construction services that include:

  • Construction Project Closeout – Providing you with a list of the subcontractors and vendors, equipment manuals and maintenance schedules, training manuals, and drawings
  • On Site Training – Arranging equipment training for the staff, if necessary
  • Warranty Follow Up – We provide a 1 year warranty on all of our projects. Please contact us if any issue arises, even after the warranty period is over.
  • Ongoing Communication – We like to follow up with our clients and maintain relationships throughout the years following completion of a project. Our door is always open.

Our commitment to providing top notch service from start to finish – and beyond – is what keeps our clients coming back. We are honored by repeat business and the opportunity to develop long working relationships with members of our community. For more information about our post construction services, please contact us or visit our website. We are happy to discuss our process and answer any questions. 



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