Top Hendersonville General Contractor: How to Choose One for Your Project?

Hiring a general contractor is not an easy task as most people have no idea about things which qualities they should search for in a general contractor. Very few people have any prior experience of construction, and are thus, clueless when it comes to hiring a top-quality GC. In this article, we will go into detail on how you can choose a top Hendersonville general contractor.

What is a General Contractor?

Before proceeding further, we need to clarify what we mean by the term “General Contractor.” A general contractor for the scope of this article means any contractor involved in the construction irrespective of niche. So, the difference between a commercial contractor and a residential contractor is irrelevant for us here.

Tips for Choosing a General Contractor

Define the scope of the project

Defining the scope of the project is the first step in the process of choosing a general contractor. This involves answering a few questions and identifying the main priorities of the project. You must ask yourself the following questions as these can help you define the scope of the project:

  • What goal do you want to achieve with the construction project at hand?
  • What is your budget for the project?
  • What is your schedule for the project?


Contractor Bid

A contractor provides you with an estimate of the total cost of the project which is also known as “bid”. As pricing is often one of the most critical points of a project, you must try to get bids from several contractors and then make an informed decision after considering your budget and the bids provided by the contractors.


You must ask a contractor for references, which are mostly the list of all the projects they have worked on in the past. Any reputed contractor worth his or her salt will be able to provide you a list of references from established companies/businesses with which they have worked in the past, and you must carefully analyze these references in order to make an informed decision. Don’t be afraid to get on the phone and ask in-depth questions about the reference’s past experience.


You must ask about the experience of contractors before hiring them. This is because, an inexperienced contractor may cause more harm than good to you. Your project may end up in disaster if you hire an inexperience GC.  


Many U.S. states, including North Carolina, have stringent licensing requirements for general contractors who work on projects above a certain amount. Almost all reputed general contractors have the necessary licenses, but you should ask them if they are licensed in your state by appropriate licensing authority to ensure that their credentials and coverages are fully up to date.

Where to Find the Top Hendersonville General Contractor

You can quickly narrow down the list of qualified general contractors for your project by following the tips mentioned above. Dunlop Construction is the Top Hendersonville General Contractor with years of experience as a general contractor in several sectors. We are based in Hendersonville, North Carolina and have been in service since 1979.

We are a family run business, servicing the Western North Carolina area, dedicated to providing outstanding value and superior service. You can contact us for consultation regarding your project.

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