Top Tips To Manage The Costs of Construction

If it seems like we write a lot about cost control – it’s because we do! This is one of the primary concerns of both the client and us (the contractor). No one wants to be a budget buster! In many aspects, the costs of construction are out of our control, but there are areas where we can take steps to ensure the best outcome. These are principles we operate by daily and have proven to be effective for over 40 years.

Early Planning

Pre-construction services encompass everything before we break ground on the project. These services are quite extensive because we believe that early planning is key to success – not only with the project overall but especially with construction costs. During this time we do several estimates, culminating in a not-to-exceed price with a contract. We also begin scheduling, procurement on materials with long lead times, and value engineering to get you the most bang for your buck.

Keep Costs Of Construction In Check By Avoiding Late Changes

This is one of the most avoidable pitfalls of any construction project. Halfway through the project is not the time to make a layout change or material change. We spend a lot of time upfront in the planning phase specifically to avoid this kind of late decision. Once we begin construction, deviation from the plan costs valuable time and money. With many building supplies still suffering from supply chain issues, requesting a different countertop or flooring, for example, could lead to a major derailment of the schedule. We advise all of our clients to avoid late-in-the-game changes at all costs. All of that said, we like to build contingency into the budget in case we run into unexpected issues that need to be handled.

Keep Safety In Mind

At Dunlap, we prioritize safety on the job site for everyone involved. Whether it’s the crew or the people operating their business around construction work, we want to make sure we have a safe environment. Keeping people safe is a good idea in general, but it also plays a role in keeping projects on time and on budget. Any safety incident can halt a project – costing valuable time (and therefore money). 

When it comes to managing construction costs, you won’t find a team more committed to helping you maximize your budget. Ready to get started on your next project? Contact us today.




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