We Are Your Premier Restoration Contractor

Whether it’s a residence or business, Dunlap is your premier restoration contractor for any historic building in need. We love working on restoration projects because we get to show off our artistry in construction. This type of work requires a delicate touch and know-how of building practices that only come from decades of experience. 

Restoring Historic Buildings To Their Original Glory

The character of a historic building simply cannot be underestimated. You simply feel different when you visit these spaces. Sometimes they are beyond repair, but we always jump at the chance to take on projects that just need an expert touch to restore beauty and function. We have experience restoring homes and cabins as well as government buildings like the Henderson County Courthouse. Because of the wide range of restoration projects in our portfolio, we are uniquely qualified in a large number of sectors. 

Your Local Restoration Contractor

Western North Carolina has many historic city areas and homes, and Dunlap has been honored to be a part of the restoration of these spaces as they find new life and purpose. Our many decades of experience make us the perfect choice for any local restoration project, large or small. We can help you keep that historic charm while increasing the function of the space. Contact us today to inquire about your restoration project. 

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