What Happens When The Construction Phase Is Complete?

Even a small construction project can take significant time. Although it’s very important, the pre-construction planning phase can feel like a lifetime when you’re excited to break ground. Then, finally, the project is underway. After the initial excitement, this too can start to feel like forever when you’re in the thick of it. And then suddenly you’re nearing the end of your construction project, so what happens now? What can you expect when the construction phase is complete?

Why We Tackle Projects In Phases

When we work with new clients, some of them are surprised to learn that construction projects have 3 distinct phases. What’s more, the over success depends on each phase being completed properly. Though it’s not very glamorous, pre-construction (before we even break ground) consists of extensive planning and preparation. This ensures the project gets off to the right start and sets milestones to guide us along the way once construction starts. The construction phase is exactly what it sounds like – where all the heavy work happens. But when it’s done, we don’t just hand you the keys and walk away. It’s time for post-construction.

Post Construction Phase

This critical step after construction is complete often gets missed or rushed by contractors. Clients are eager to get on with their lives in their new space, but without a solid transition, issues can arise. We take care of any items left on the punch list, so there won’t be anything left unfinished. In addition, we provide service manuals and training on any new equipment, explain warranty terms, and make sure you know you can contact us at any time. Closing a project out is not goodbye – it’s just the start of our working relationship.

To learn more about our post-construction steps, feel free to reach out! Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your upcoming projects and how we can help. 

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