When Is A Good Time For Commercial Renovations?

When considering a renovation for your commercial space, it’s common to be concerned about timing. A renovation might force you to close your doors for weeks or months. Renovations require time – and money. So, when is the best time to start construction? We have some tips to help you decide.

A Sense Of Urgency

In some cases, the decision is made for you in the form of an unfortunate repair need. An extensive repair job may just be one of the best times to go ahead with your renovations. Large projects like plumbing or electrical, for example, require the removal of drywall. If a renovation has been on your mind – you might as well make floor plan changes during this time. A quality general contractor like Dunlap that specializes in commercial construction can help you combine repairs and renovations into the best possible outcome.

Seasons Of Business

Typically, most business owners can identify a time of year when business is slower. These lulls make the perfect time for renovations because your daily operations won’t be impacted as heavily. For instance, most retail businesses would not start construction heading into the winter holidays – this would cause costly closures and profit losses. We recommend timing your renovation during a slower part of the year if possible.

Renovations Can Improve Productivity

For some businesses, the shortcomings of their building can act as a barrier to success. If you lack space or the layout to get tasks done efficiently, a renovation could actually take your business to the next level. You might consider performing the renovation sooner rather than later in these cases, to maximize your potential early on.

Prepare With A Budget

While an unexpected repair can kick start things, if you don’t have the budget set aside for your full renovation, it may not be an ideal time. Because renovations can also come with surprise costs, make sure you have the finances procured before going ahead. You don’t want to sacrifice key elements of your vision due to running low on funds.

Dunlap has worked with countless businesses over the past 40+ years to help them renovate their space. We are happy to sit down with you to discuss the impact of a renovation project and how it can improve your bottom line. Contact us today!


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