White Duck Taco Shop Opens Door Soon on Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue has long been one of the main commercial centers in Hendersonville. It attracts a large number of visitors due to its proximity to several restaurants, cafes, and shops which also serve as the main attraction in the city of Hendersonville.

Soon White Duck Taco Shop will open its doors on Seventh Avenue, serving visitors unique signature tacos, craft beer, and wine. This Hendersonville shop will be the newest addition to the Asheville based chain’s locations which already has 3 branches in its home city along with one each in Johnson City; Nashville, TN; and Greenville, SC.

The upcoming White Duck Taco Shop on Seventh Avenue in Hendersonville will be operated by Aaron Adams and his wife Ashley Clifford, who are longtime residents of Hendersonville, and now work for White Duck. Adams said that he and his wife live in Hendersonville and have gotten married here.

According to Adams Seventh Avenue is now taking off and they are both excited to be a part of it. White Duck has an extensive menu filled with unique taco selections which include Jerk Chicken, Black Bean, Korean Beef Bulgogi, Steak & Cheese, Fish, Duck with mole, Mushroom potato with romesco, lamb gyro, Crispy chicken BLT, Spicy Buffalo Chicken and Thai Peanut Chicken.

White Duck also has a kid’s menu which includes Chicken Quesadillas and Cheese Quesadillas. Their offering of sides includes cut watermelon with mint, green chile black beans, house kimchi tomato gazpacho in the summertime and southwest corn chowder in the winter. You can also try their famous desserts which include coconut macaroon pie with salted caramel and Mexican chocolate pot du creme with pistachio nut crunch.

White Duck is known to frequently change their menu and their website warns that their menu is not the same at each location – the variety can be as exciting as the tacos themselves. The products listed above have been taken from their website, but Adams said that the new location’s menu is international and may change seasonally. While they do tacos (and they do them very well), they are not a Mexican restaurant. It’s going to be a different experience each time you visit their location as they may offer something which is not available anywhere else.

Adams said that he, along with his wife, has checked some craft breweries in the historic Seventh Avenue District, and they may consider offering some of the beers produced by them. He and Ashley hope that White Duck will be operational in the first quarter of 2020 and they’re eagerly waiting to welcome new guests at their upcoming opening.

Dunlap Construction is the General Contractor of Choice

Dunlap Construction, widely considered the best general contractor in Hendersonville, was selected for the shell upfit of the location for White Duck Taco Shop. They began the renovation of the building several months ago and have transformed it into a truly remarkable edifice.

Dunlap Construction is renowned for their restaurant construction projects in Hendersonville, such as Burgerworx, Lime Leaf, Subway, Postero, and more. Check out their restaurant construction portfolio here.

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