Good Construction Management Leads To Success

Any successful construction project needs a skilled and experienced team, but perhaps most importantly is the presence of good construction management. This part of the process involves taking a bird’s eye view of the whole scope, organizing the details, and keeping things on track. At Dunlap, we prioritize both the management of the building process in addition to a highly skilled construction team because we know that success depends on both. What exactly does good management look like? Let’s discuss it.

Plan To Succeed

Before we even break ground on a project, pre-construction services take place. These consist of planning and estimating – two important pieces of the management puzzle. We use this time to really nail down the schedule and coordinate vendors, suppliers, and sub contractors to maximize efficiency. Plus, we plan for contingencies and allow for some flexibility. This ensures that one hiccup doesn’t throw the whole schedule off. While this isn’t the “exciting” part of the build, it certainly plays a critical role in how well the project stays on schedule and budget. 

Good Management Involves Transparent Communication

We believe that communication is an important part of the builder-client relationship. Not only do we want you to know what’s going on, we also want you to expect that we will be honest and forthcoming with you about any issues that arise. It’s important that we bring up problems quickly so that we can collaborate on a solution as quickly as possible. This minimizes downtime, budget impacts, and misunderstandings.  

Goal Setting

Part of the planning process includes setting milestones and goals that keep the project running smoothly and on time. As the construction manager, it’s our job to check in with the team to ensure these goals are being met. If there is a delay, we work to find out the reason and resolve it to get back on track. 

When it comes to your construction project, you are trusting us to handle the details and get the job done right. This can’t be accomplished without our stellar management team. To learn more about our process and how you can get started with us, schedule a meeting with us today!


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