Dunlap Construction Company was founded in 1979 by Dennis Dunlap and quickly developed a reputation among the best contractors in Hendersonville. Dennis began the company as a sole proprietorship and then incorporated the company in 1997. Initially, we primarily serviced residential clients, but now we service multiple industries, including medical, commercial, municipal, and recreational restoration and renovation. Our company has always taken pride in the fact that many of our new projects come from repeat clients. As a company, we also recognize the importance of community and giving back. Since 1983, we have helped to support the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital and the Henderson County School’s High School Athletic Program. Dunlap Construction has also donated yearly since 1994 to the Southeast Angel of Mercy Flights. Our recent contributions include the Hendersonville YMCA, Pardee Foundation, The Rotary Club of Hendersonville, as well as the United Way. 

best contractors in Hendersonville

Dunlap Construction has become known as one of the best contractors in Hendersonville through the successful completion of countless commercial, municipal, and residential general contractor projects that they have on display throughout Henderson County and Western North Carolina.


Making history among the best general contractors in Hendersonville matters.

Our team works hard to provide uncompromised quality and attention on every job. That’s why we think it’s important that you know all the right questions to ask when you’re researching the best contractors in Hendersonville. Before you hire anyone for your next construction project, here are some questions you should consider asking…

  1. How long have you been licensed as a general contractor?

    A quality general contractor should be experienced and knowledgeable about home construction. Some general contractors start out by working in the trade until they gain enough knowledge to obtain their general contractor’s license. Dunlap has been among the best contractors in Hendersonville for over 35 years.

  2. Are you bonded and insured?

    Bonding and insurance is incredibly important when it comes to building a new home or taking on a major remodeling project. Bonding means that a third party company has reviewed the professional and has granted him or her a certain amount of surety bonding. The bond helps protect the homeowner from financial damage if the contractor refuses to complete work or doesn’t pay subcontractors. Insurance protects both the professional and the homeowner in the event of an accident, injury or damage to property. Ask to see all of these pieces of information and verify the dollar amounts. Dunlap Construction is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and we’re happy to provide all of our credentials quickly upon request.

  3. Can you provide me with several references? (Can you prove that you’re among the best contractors in Hendersonville?)

    A successful general contractor should be more than willing to share past projects with you as well as give you phone numbers for references. Be wary of the general contractor who doesn’t offer this information. If you are hiring this pro for a large project, be sure to look at past projects and ask past clients about the communication style of the pro, how they felt during and after the project, and if they would hire this pro again. Dunlap has completed hundreds of commercial, residential, and municipal projects around Western North Carolina and we’re happy to let you learn from the experiences of past customers.

  4. What is the best way to communicate with you and your crew?

    Get clarity about how many other projects the general contractor might have at once. If you are one of several projects, how can you best get a hold of the contractor? Find out the general schedule (called a workback schedule) so you can see which subcontractors will be arriving on which dates, as well as the procurement schedule. Ask for a regular meeting with your general contractor to catch any delays or potential delays before they happen. Dunlap has many open lines of communication and we’re always happy to take your phone calls, texts, and emails.

  5. When can I review a contract?

    After your initial meeting with your general contractor in which the overall scope of work and expected budget is discussed, ask when you can review the contract. The contract should include all the details of the project as well as a breakdown of costs and payment schedule. Because this contract may be very lengthy, take the time to review so that you understand what work will be done. If you have any changes to be made, send them in writing and ask for a revised contract. Once the work begins, any changes should be noted on a change work order form.